How BoS Sparked Inspiration

This was my second time attending the BoS conference in-person, and I learned that’s a common denominator of the event. Bob Moesta told me, “you don’t ask ‘have you ever been to BoS’. You ask ‘how many times have you been?

This event draws people in again and again, and for good reason. The content is of the highest quality, the people are friendly and approachable, and – as a woman traveling alone – I always feel safe at this event (and I can’t say that for other events). This time, I walked away with an explosion of inspiration, and I couldn’t wait until I got home to put things together.

©️Ian Clifford

This year BoS happened at the perfect time for my business; I’ve been working with B2B SaaS companies for over five years and had recently gone through a positioning and messaging shift of my services.

Being at BoS gave me the opportunity to try the messaging out on folks, see what landed, what questions people had, and what things need to be tweaked. It was incredible to connect with founders, CEO’s, and operators within the B2B SaaS community. I was able to hear firsthand, people’s common concerns, and current frustrations, and as a consultant in this space, that info is as good as gold.

So many people at the conference are directly responsible for my burst of inspiration.

On the last night at BoS, I received an email from a founder, James Kennedy from Procurement Express. He offered his perspective and feedback on specific aspects of my offering and recommended a book that I started and finished on the plane ride home.

©️Ian Clifford

Most mornings for breakfast I sat with Bob Moesta and marveled at how diverse his interests and passions are. Bob is inspiring on his own if you just know him for JTBD, but learning about his other interests and passions was so important to me as someone who has been fearful of branching too far out from my niche and the persona offerings I’m known for.

I had drinks and snacks with April Dunford, Asia Osaingio, and Hanna Abaza and was completely inspired to rest and break when needed.

I snuck in a chat with Patrick Cambell and listened to him share advice on consistent content creation when you’re running a business.

That’s what BoS is about. It’s not about handing out as many business cards as you can, or collecting LinkedIn connections while moving on to the next person. It’s about sitting with people, getting to know them, and sharing the experience of building something you love.

It’s the people that sparked my inspiration, and it’s the people that will keep bringing me back to BoS year after year. 

Adrienne Barnes

Founder, Best Buyer Persona