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After 14 years of doing BoS Confs, we have seen dozens of supporters help us make magic happen for hundreds of BoS attendees. They power us to build a stronger community for you to enjoy and it’s our honour that they come back time and time again to meet more of you and to keep BoS an open and welcoming place.

This year, for BoS USA In-Person 2022, all of our supporters are returning patrons who want to be a continued part of the BoS story.

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Quiet Light are new to BoS for 2022, but quickly grew to understand the special community feeling of Business of Software and are keen to help strengthen that bond with growing start ups. You can meet the Quiet Light team before BoS conference begins as they host the Duck Boat Tour of Boston for attendees on Sunday 25 September.

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Formerly Adzerk, Kevel have been supporting Business of Softer since the turn of decade. However, the relationship between BoS and Kevel goes back much further as Founder James Avery has been attending BoS since 2009 and using what he has learnt there to build and grow the company to what it is today.

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FE International have a shared path with BoS – having bases in both Boston and London and being founded at similar times. Since 2018 FE International have regular participants and supporters in the BoS community and we are pleased to welcome them to Boston for 2022

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