The JTBD Conf

8 June | Online

Jobs to be Done is not new, but it is an underrated tool every level of every business can use to get better at understanding where others are coming from as the view your product/project.

On 8 June 2022, Business of Software are bringing you a one-day conf full of amazing JTBD insights, workshops, and talks from experts such as Bob Moesta, Claire Suellentrop, Nopadon Wongpakdee, and many more.

BoS Conf Online 8 June 2022

This wont be the first time JTBD has featured at a BoS Conf;

  • JTBD founder Prof. Clayton Christensen discussed it in 2011 Watch
  • Bob Moesta and Chris Spiek gave a live demo of the theory in 2013 Watch
  • Claire Suellentrop showed us how to perfect messaging with JTBD in 2018 Watch
  • Bob Moesta and April Dunford discussed JTBD from a strategy POV online in 2021 Watch
  • Nopadon Wongpakdee went in deep with some live website critique in-person in the Europe 2022 conf.

So join us on 8 June from 12pm-7pm (🇬🇧 BST) and learn more about the world changing concept of JTBD.

BoS Conf Online 8 June 2022

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