In-Person Conference on 4-5 April 2022

Business of Software  Europe In-Person, Churchill College Cambridge UK

Two days working on, not in your business. BoS Europe will not be streamed.

It has been two years since our last in-person conference but BoS values go way back

There’s a certain energy you get when you hear a speaker give a talk in-person. There’s a buzz in the air that can make your neck hairs stand to attention. You are in the room with some amazing people, what a great opportunity to ask some of the questions you’ve been thinking over

Birds of a Feather Sessions
BoS patrons new and old love to chew over some difficult problems, and what better way than to do it whilst sharing a meal and discussing with like minded individuals you current challenges. 
Our lunchtime Birds of a Feather discussion groups let you network, theorise, and refuel simultaneously.

In the bar, in the auditorium, in the queue for coffee, or even just as you mill around the venue; there are so many chances for you to bump into someone who might just change the way you think or work. Prepare to Airdrop your details to dozens of potential new connections that might one day change your life.

Prepare to be Welcomed
Think of Business of Software as a special bistro at the end of the software universe where the food is good, the talks inspire, the guests are looked after and we do everything we can to create a warm, welcoming environment where we can all learn together about how great products and great companies are built.

What to Expect

We’ve got this far without mentioning Covid – and it’s not an issue we are taking lightly.

The main thing is to have a current vaccine.

You can read up on our full COVID-19 requirements and safety measures here. There’s everything you would expect and you choose your social interaction preferences when you register so we can make sure that there is socially distanced seating if you want it and other attendees are clear when they see you whether you want to stay distant or just avoid shaking hands.

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