In-person BoS Conferences in 2022

In-person events! Remember them?

We do. What if we ran them again?

Please share your thoughts with us.

They’re incredibly helpful and every discussion we have had with attendees has given us lots to think about. Three short sections will take less than 2 minutes to complete, but you can share more detailed thoughts if you wish.

Thank you!

While our focus for the past 18 months has been on designing and delivering online events that deliver the best experience for our attendees and many people have found that online beats in person, we know that isn’t the case for everyone.

Our position has always been that we will only run physical events at a point where they are not only ‘possible’ but that it would be ‘responsible’, to do so.

Online is here to stay but we feel that running physical conferences in 2022 will be possible, albeit with some differences. You can bet we are planning for them in 2022 and part of that process is to hear the views, thoughts and feelings of the people we serve – you the community of attendees.

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