BoS Conf Online Fall Supporter: Software Promotions

Our supporters are awesome.

Not only do they help and support the conference and the community, they also help fund our scholarship program to enable awesome people who wouldn’t otherwise be able to attend, come, take part and get a leg up into the world of software and SaaS.

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A little about Software Promotions

Dave Collins and Aaron Weiner have been an almost permanent presence at BoS.

In The Lost Art of Meaningful Content, Dave Collins, founder and CEO of Software Promotions, advocates taking a stand against the banal and pointless pollution the web has become littered with by a huge amount of the algorithm optimization tricks that web marketing, SEO and adword agencies take for granted. They are different and have strong values.

With attention to detail, expertise, and a warm and friendly demeanour, it’s with great pleasure we welcome back Software Promotions as a supporter of BoS Conf Online Fall 27-29 September.

Find our more about Software Promotions and their Google Whispering ways

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