Upcoming Masterclasses: Supercharge your business with JTBD

If your company sells drills, your customers are buying holes. If the customer is using the holes to hang up picture frames then they’re buying the ability to be reminded of a happy memory. Putting up shelves? They’re buying storage space. You’ve probably come across this kind of statement before and for many of us it feel intuitively true.

You’re still selling “a drill”. But when you know what job the customer wants to get done with that drill you can pitch it better.

This is the principle behind the jobs-to-be-done (JTBD) theory and it has proven useful in all kinds of core business activities, and especially in sales and product management. It’s not so hard to see why. If you know what “job” your customer is “hiring” your product for it becomes much easier to prioritise building the right set of features or which ones to focus on in a sales demo.

Uncovering what jobs your prospects and customers are really trying to get done takes some skill. That’s where our experts Bob Moesta and Nopadon Wongpakdee come in with two new masterclasses.

Customer Interviews using JTBD (16 & 23 June)

Learn how to use customer behaviour to inform product development using Jobs-To-Be-Done theory. An online masterclass in two sessions delivered Bob Moesta (of The Rewired Group) and Nopadon Wongpakdee (of Startup Core Strengths).

Bob Moesta, co-architect with Clayton Christensen of Jobs-to-be-Done, and Nopadon Wongpakdee, will lead you through an interactive masterclass to help you plan, conduct, and process customer interviews using Jobs-to-be-Done.

Demand-Side Sales with JTBD (21 & 28 July)

Learn what your customers see and hear when they try to hire your product, and how you can help them make progress through to purchase. An online masterclass in two sessions led by Bob Moesta of The Rewired Group.

In this online BoS Masterclass, Bob Moesta has taken Jobs-to-be-Done theory and applied it to the sales process. This masterclass will help you apply the framework to your business. It will involve explanation, discussion, Q&A and exercises aimed at helping you understand how the ideas can be applied in your own unique context.