Welcoming IQ Capital as BoS Conf Online Supporters

IQ Capital invests £0.5-10m at Seed and Series A in disruptive UK-based tech companies capable of dominating global markets.

This year we’re excited to welcome them as BoS Conf Online supporters and, of course, as conference participants themselves. Naturally this means that attending BoS Conf Spring in April is a great way of getting to know some of the UK’s leading tech VCs.

IQ Capital and BoS

IQ Capital have chalked up over 20 exits in a few years including acquisitions to Apple, Google, Facebook, and Oracle as well as several IPOs, such as Stillfront (NASDAQ: SF.ST).

IQ Capital invest at Seed and Series A and are actively seeking investments in AI, Data Science, and IoT. One of the things that sets IQ Capital apart however is their continued support for their portfolio companies. Aside from access to expertise, global connections, and (obviously) funding, IQ capital also actively supports their investment companies by enabling participation in conferences like BoS Conf Online Spring.

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