Heads-up: Price rise on Monday (plus some clever ideas on SaaS pricing)

TL;DR: this Monday 12th April prices for BoS Conf Online.Spring 26-27 April will go up by $100 as Early Bird pricing ends.

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BoS Conf Online.Spring 2021 Speakers and Session leaders

Why attend BoS?

The best recommendations are always from customers so have a quick listen to what both long-time and fresh BoS attendees had to say about last year’s (online) conferences.

To learn more about the event and why you should attend take a look at the speakers you’ll get to hear and meet, the two-day schedule, and your registration options.

In the meantime, get a feel for the kind of learning you typically get from a BoS event by checking out the talks below about… yup… pricing!

Rich Mironov demystifies software pricing

You can spend as much as you want on developing a product, but no one cares how much you spend – they only care about its value. With roots in B2B infrastructure, SaaS, and consumer retail, Rich combines ‘what-we-can-build’ with ‘what-markets-want’ to demystify software pricing.

See talk and slides or read transcript.

Patrick Campbell of Profitwell on SaaS pricing

While user acquisition is important, a 1% improvement in customer monetisation or user retention will have 3-4x impact on bottom line over user acquisition.

See talk and slides or read transcript.

Jim Geisman on Why Pricing Isn’t Rocket Science

When pricing is done right – or right enough – you will generate revenue faster without spending too much to attract, close and retain customers. So how do you get pricing right?

See talk and slides or read transcript.

Jeff Lawson, founder of Twilio, on pricing and owls

A very sharp talk from the founder of Twilio on software pricing, including how to measure value and put a price on it. Jeff is also an expert on drawing owls and can teach you his patented method.

See talk and slides or read transcript.

Bonus: Don’t Just Roll the Dice

Download and read a usefully short guide to software pricing written by Neil Davidson, co-founder of Red Gate software and the Business of Software conferences.

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