Welcoming a BoS Conf Online Supporter: Software Promotions

Most BoS supporters tend to be relatively large companies. Where by “relatively large” we mean more than two people.

Not so for Software Promotions. One of the things that sets them apart, and proudly so, is that they’re only two people — and they have no plans on ever changing that.

They believe this what has kept many of their clients with them for years.

What do they do? Well, they promote software. Check out Dave’s talk from 2016 to learn why and how they do this differently and come join them at BoS Conf Online Spring on the 26th and 27th of April.

Dave Collins on stage at BoS USA 2016

Software Promotions and BoS


In The Lost Art of Meaningful Content, Dave Collins, founder and CEO of Software Promotions, gave one of the most well-received and useful talks we’ve seen at BoS by advocating taking a stand against the banal and pointless pollution the web has become littered with.

Today we are pleased to welcome him back to BoS as a supporter.

BoS supporters are different to the “sponsors” you might see at other events (and we don’t do sponsors). A supporter is very literally an organisation who is supporting BoS Conf Online Spring primarily because they believe in, and have experienced the value of, the BoS community.

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