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Nandini Jammi // Co-Founder Check My Ads

Nandini has been immersed in the world of brand safety & digital advertising since 2016, when she began running Sleeping Giants, the social media campaign that alerted advertisers that their ads were funding hate speech on Breitbart News. Her efforts led to her being recognized by Business Insider as one of the industry leaders “fixing” digital advertising. DigiDay named her a DigiDay Changemaker. In 2019, Sleeping Giants won a Gold Cannes Lion Award for Best Social Media Campaign and a People’s Voice for Public Service and Activism Webby Award.

In August 2020, HotJar publically dropped the Trump campaign and the GOP account (before it was cool to do so). It was not only an unprecedented move for a tech company, it’s an incredible case study in how to manage a social media crisis in this age of extremes. In this talk from BoS USA Online 2020, Nandini discusses the background to the story and the actions the company’s leadership took to address a challenge that most software company CEOs have never seriously considered: booting users who violate their Acceptable Use Policies.  Nandini explores the role of Acceptable Use Policies & ToS as a tool for choosing your course of action.
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