Avoiding the Perennial Problems With Productivity Tools | Francesco D’Alessio | BoS Europe 2019

Francesco D’Alessio // Keep Productive

Everyone has too much to do.

Luckily, there are an almost limitless number of tools that offer a solution that will help you reclaim control of your life. Unluckily, people often become less productive as they adopt new apps and tools that don’t fit with their individual work styles, work flows and habits.

Switching to-do list applications? Can’t make your mind up on a note-taker? Or just can’t quite stick with just one resource. This talk helps to break down a simple process on how to filter down your options and stick with the resource you choose for years to come. Save yourself time, effort and even money with these helpful approaches to matching software to your needs and goals.

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06 Francesco D'Alessio

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