“It’s definitely my favourite conference of the year. Time after time Business of Software delivers.”

“To be in this incredibly supportive community means everything.”

No, I’m not just making up some ego-massaging marketing guff here – these are real quotes from attendees of Business of Software Conference USA 2019.

BoS USA has and will always be about helping our attendees grow their businesses. We do this in two simple ways:

  1. We put software entrepreneurs and practitioners on stage who have smart things to say and insightful stories to tell about building great, sustainable software businesses.
  2. We allow plenty of time for you to meet and chat with the other 300 software entrepreneurs and leaders who attend the conference.

But does it work? Is it actually different to other conferences?

Well these people certainly thing so – watch this video to hear why you should attend BoS USA 2020…



Tickets for BoS USA 2020 are now available. Save your place early to get the best deal and have the right to feel smug 🙂

BoS USA 2020: 21-23 September, The Seaport Hotel, Boston MA

What you should do next...

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30th June
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21st & 28th July
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