Alex Osterwalder and Rita McGrath Named Top 5 Business Thinkers in 2019

Never the smartest in the room…

They say if you are the smartest person in the room, you are in the wrong room. The lovely thing about Business of Software Conference is that you are likely to be surrounded by some extremely smart people but as I am likely to be there, you don’t run the risk of being the dumbest. I aim to serve…

I was in London yesterday for the bi-annual Thinkers50 Awards, a day of talks and conversations with some of the people who are recognised as being the best ‘thinkers’ and communicators on business management in the world. Their ‘Thinkers50’ rankings are published annually. I was very touched to be invited by Rita McGrath, probably mainly because she was intrigued to know if I owned a suit…

Congratulations to Alex Osterwalder and Rita McGrath who were both ranked in the Top 5.

Not only well deserved, they have both bought much to their respective fields, a nice day for BoS too as that also means that 40% of the top five business thinkers in the world have spoken at BoS Conference this year. (Here they are, not on stage, in conversation at BoS USA this year discussing the current state of global innovation).

Learning About Business Modelling – brain stretching and not so strong on this exercise.


I drew a 5 second picture of a house – people could tell what it was…


Two smart winners and me in a dinner jacket (or ‘Smoker’ as I discovered they are called in Switzerland).

Thinkers50 Winners

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