Impossible unsubscribes

Impossible unsubscribes

In this week’s excellent newsletter, (you should subscribe if you are smart & cynical enough), we shared this Twitter thread showing why it can take several days to unsubscribe from some newsletters.

Why It Can Take 'A Few Days' To Unsubscribe From An Email List A completely astounding story you may have seen on Twitter // 4 minute read


We were most entertained to receive this response from Jaclyn at FullStory, partly because it is always lovely to hear from people, particularly when they say nice things. Partly, because FullStory have just launched a game which looks surprisingly like some of the unsubscribe processes we all know.

My company just launched a game named after a product feature (Rage Clicks, the game) where the plot is to try and unsubscribe from an online subscription. We meant it to be a bit exaggerated, but after reading this thread I'm not sure we went far enough :) Anyway, thought I'd share the game in case you wanted to have a frustrating 5 minutes.

Thanks for the amusement Jaclyn.

Rest assured, that’s not how it works at BoS. We just send you interesting things that will make you think and let you know when the talks from our conferences go live and stuff like that.

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