Is There a Cure for Cambridge Disease?

An old colleague saw this on the first page of April Dunford’s book on Product Positioning.

She laughed and said,

“That should be called Cambridge Disease, the inability to articulate why anyone should care as much as you about your clever technology.”

April Dunford Positioning Book Launch Cambridge

Perhaps a bit harsh, the fact is that almost every company struggles with positioning.

If it is a disease though, the good news is, there’s a Cure!

A dose of the brilliant April Dunford at the Cambridge book launch of,

‘Obviously Awesome: How To Nail Product Positioning So Customers Get It, Buy It, Love It‘.

Mon, 1st July 2019, 6-9pm at Redgate Software

April Dunford Cambridge

  • April is a globally recognized expert in Positioning and Market strategy.
  • In this talk she’ll teach you how to avoid the 3 killer positioning pitfalls and how to use market context to make the value of your offerings obvious for your target customers.
  • You’ll also learn a simple positioning methodology that will make your products stand out and shine and show you a set of examples of companies that used positioning to unlock explosive growth.
  • Join us for an evening of learning, networking and a talk on Product Positioning from April Dunford. There’ll be plenty of time for Q&A too, so come armed with questions.

All attendees receive a copy of April’s book.

Mon, 1st July 2019, 6-9pm Redgate Software

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