My All Time Favorite Material Possession

Forget the talks, forget the people, the highlight of the conference for me personally was receiving this…

I have to say that I was a little disappointed that my lovely wife hadn’t come up with a new shirt for the occasion – it has become a bit of a tradition. However, it all became clear that there was a plan…

Shawn Anderson, the legendary founder/CEO of PDQ Software and a BoS US and Europe regular, turned up with something quite special…

He had secretly gathered all the BoS logos and devices over the years together in cahoots with the team at BoS Towers then had them printed onto a shirt. No mean feat. In fact, a labor of love. He’d found the perfect shirt, perfect size, comfortable, pocket for pens and phone, the works, then had the entire shirt unstitched and taken apart so each piece could be printed separately. Josh Alfaro did the design. The phenomenally talented Shelby Taylor who apparently moonlights as PDQ’s office manager when not producing haute couture garments put it all back together.

Business of Software Conference Europe 2019 WEB 1203

Business of Software Conference Europe 2019 WEB 1199

Business of Software Conference Europe 2019 WEB 1196

Business of Software Conference Europe 2019 WEB 302

To be honest, I was completely lost for words.

Business of Software Conference Europe 2019 WEB 372

An extraordinary gift from the very wonderful people at PDQ software. Thank you all so much for such an incredible, thoughtful, practical, stylish and all round incredibly thoughtful and unexpected gift. You rock.

4 responses to “My All Time Favorite Material Possession”

  1. Sharon says:

    Yep! You get what you paid for… you rock so they rock!

    Everything to its core is about people and the relationship between them. You’ve nailed it and rocked it.

  2. Mark, thank you for all that you do and have done over the years. You have made such a positive impact on so many software companies, my friend. I hope you enjoy the shirt.