Apply for a Lightning Talk at BoS Conference USA 2018

Lightning Talk applications for BoS Conference USA 2018 are now open.

Lightning Talks are tricky little beasts. You have 7.5 minutes and 15 slides, which advance automatically every 30 seconds.

Can you communicate your point clearly, use your slides effectively, and leave the audience inspired and enlightened?

If you conquer the challenge, you join the Pantheon of the Greats*. Below you can see brilliant Lightning Talks from Business of Software from Patrick McKenzie (patio11, Stripe)Des Traynor (Founder, Intercom), and Alexis Ohanian (Founder, Reddit).

Fancy yourself up to the challenge? You can submit your talk here.

*Actual physical Pantheon must be sourced by the challenger.

Think you have what it takes? Submit your application below.

Patrick McKenzie (patio11, Stripe) – Marketing to Minorities


Des Traynor (Intercom) – Product Strategy Is About Saying No


Alexis Ohanian (Reddit) – How To Start, Run, & Sell A Web 2.0 Startup

Feeling up to the challenge? Submit your application for BoS Conference USA 2018 below:

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