Making Use Of Big Data | Free Hangout with Vince Darley | Thursday 5th July, 12.00 ET

An unavoidable reality of working in SaaS is this: you’ve got data coming out of your ears.

So. Much. Data.

But how do you make the numbers and metrics work for you?

How do you distinguish between the data that will 10x your business and the data that will lead you astray?

How do you make use of big data?

big data

“Data is the way in which we can bridge the scientific world of metrics and the human world of behaviours and bring them together in a deeper understanding” – so says Vince Darley.

Vince is a self-confessed data-junkie. He has worked with Big Data at 3 huge B2C companies – Ocado, King, and now as VP Growth at food-delivery giants Deliveroo.

Vince will be hosting a Q&A, so come prepared to ask your burning questions about getting impact from data.

Join us for a hangout with Vince Darley about Making Use of Big Data – 12.00 ET, Thursday 5th July. All registrants will receive a video replay the following day.

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Vince has spoken twice at Business of Software Conferences. You can watch his talks below:

  1. How To Make Sense Of Big Data
  2. Data, Simplicity, and Achieving Impact

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