Impostor Syndrome | Hangout with Jason Cohen | 22nd February

You’re an impostor.

You had a good idea one day. Your good idea turned into a great product. Slowly but surely, you gained customers who paid for your product. Then you started employing people. People who looked up to you, trusted you, followed you. You’re successful – both the business and you personally.

And yet, there’s still that little voice in your head.

You’re an impostor.

You don’t know what you’re doing.

Everyone’s going to realise you have no idea what you’re doing and it’s all going to fall apart.

Jason Cohen is familiar with these thoughts. Hell, everyone is familiar with these thoughts. If Mike Myers thinks he’s not funny enough for SNL, then Lord help the rest of us…

Imposter Syndrome

Join us for a hangout with Jason Cohen (Founder, WPEngine) at 12pm EST on 22nd February.

We’ll be talking about Impostor Syndrome, Founder Doubt, and how to make good decisions for both you and your company.

Save My Spot

Jason gave a brilliant talk on this subject at Business of Software USA 2017, which you can watch here.

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