The Startup Way is out now – so what are people saying about it?

The Startup Way is now available!

Ahead of our event with the Eric Ries in London on November 15th, we take a look at what people are saying about his book.

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First up, Eric did two fantastic AMAs recently. Great questions and helpful answers in both of these:

Quora AMA           Reddit AMA


Fortune – Teaching GE to Think Like a Startup

Eric writes about his experience of helping to implement Lean Startup principles in GE


Wired – Lean Startup Guru Eric Ries Explains How Big Companies Can Innovate Like Entrepreneur

On ‘Two-Pizza Teams’ and tolerating failure.



Forbes – Why Companies Need To Create An Entrepreneurial Culture

An nice little interview with Eric about how The Startup Way came about.


CNBC – How Companies Can Keep Their ‘Startup DNA’

Eric is interviewed about the book on CNBC’s ‘Squawk Box’

Eric is with us in London very soon, where he’ll be talking about The Startup Way.

Get your tickets below, or click the button to find out more. 

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