Design Origami – visual mapping of user experience

I must admit I didn’t get what design origami was at first.

I had visions of artful but frustrating paper folding. It turned out to be an excellent tool to help visualize the customer experience of a conference attendee. In a post conference workshop with Bernhard Ferro and Sean Mcguire from Tieto, participants were walked through a process to model and understand a complex services. in this case, Business of Software Conference was the subject of inquiry.

Clearly a good way to finish the conference, the enthusiasm of the participants was clear and we were walked through the output by Bernhard and Sean themselves.

It is very clever. Look at this…

We’ve already made one change for next year… Thank you very much for the insights and the outcomes!

Tieto Design Origami Workshop BoS2017 Outcomes from IoT Forum

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