Scholarships: Attend Business of Software Conference USA as a guest of our lovely supporters.

A chance to attend Business of Software Conference USA as a scholar.

Business of Software is a paid conference with limited sponsorship. We focus on delivering value to our customers – the attendees. We know that this means that not everyone who would like to can afford the cost of attendance so we are very grateful to the lovely people at Balsamiq Mockups, Pragmatic Marketing, John Knox and Software Promotions who are supporting scholarships to bring some great people to Business of Software Conference USA,Boston, Ma, 18-20th Sept.

We are always particularly keen to support entrepreneurs are the beginning of their journey and underrepresented groups in the software ecosystem.

What do previous scholars say?

Want to be one of the scholars? Let us know by 31st July if:

  • You want to come to BoS but you can’t afford the price of the ticket right now. Please give some details about what you would like to get our of BoS if you came.
  • You commit to pay the favour forward. If you get a ticket to BoS Conference, what will you do that benefits the world?

Apply Here by 31st July 2017.