Business of Software Conference USA 2017 Pricing

BoS Conference Pricing

Pricing conferences, like pricing software, is an art not a science. Like most conferences, we work using a series of price points over the course of the year so that the closer to the event, the more it costs to attend. The logic behind this is fairly simple – the earlier someone commits to attend, the less they pay. This gives guests a guarantee that they can attend, book flights accommodation etc. It also gives us visibility on attendee numbers so we can plan effectively.

We had a theory: Whenever we put the price of the ticket up, we get a rush of registrations, often in the final couple of hours before a price break hits. Using that logic, we decided to offer more, smaller, price breaks over the year giving people more chances to book before the price rose.

Result: Instead of significant rushes of ticket purchases, we had a steadier stream of registrations but there was not the same huge rush to register to catch a break. We also started getting inbound emails from people asking when the next price break would come and whether it would be $50 or $500? If it was $500 they would book today, if it was $50 they might wait till the  next one.

Conclusion: We were boiling a frog (not literally!). We want to incentivize the loyal attendees who register early but we also want to keep things as simple as possible for you.

Ticket Prices for Business of Software Conference USA 2017

  • To Midnight June 30th: Conference $1,695, Conference plus Workshop – $1,795
  • To Midnight July 31st: Conference $1,795, Conference plus Workshop – $1,995
  • To Midnight August 31st: Conference $1,895, Conference plus Workshop – $2,195
  • To Midnight September 11th: Conference $1,995, Conference plus Workshop – $2,495
  • On the Door: Conference $2,495, Conference plus Workshop – $2,995

Don’t forget…

We offer a money back guarantee to attendees if you feel you didn’t get value. That keeps us focused on delivering an event for smart people that want to build sustainable, profitable software companies. This is not a startup event, though startups are welcome and many who have attended have described it as one of the pivotal moments in their personal development.

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