BoS Europe Scholarships Announced

We had some fantastic applications for the scholarship places, and we’re delighted to announce that the BoS Europe 2017 scholars are:

  • Sam Heter – Hoopfix
  • Lucy Friedman – Switchmetrics
  • Theo England – Cucumber
  • Faisal Chohan – Cogilent
  • Mohammed Al Rasbi – Research and Development
  • George Bettany – Sanctus
  • Stefan Magnusson – Mystery Applicant
  • Seun Awoyele – Devcenter

We’re looking forward to welcoming them to our event and thanks again to Balsamiq, Pragmatic Marketing and Software Promotions for sponsoring their places.

If you’re a little further on in your career and would like to “pay it forward” by sponsoring a scholarship at one of our events, please email