Guy Mucklow and Thomas Smale – AMA | No Exit | 16 Feb

Have an eye to selling – even if you don’t want to sell.

One of the key things that came out of this discussion is that having an exit strategy in mind isn’t just about wanting to sell your business.

Almost everything that has anything to do with exit strategy as you build and grow your business will add value in the long term – having clear processes and documentation, ensuring contracts are clear, developing new products and markets etc will all mean your business runs better and should you be in a situation where you want to sell, they are in place.

Having to make those things happening at the last minute as you try to go through a sales process is a killer.

You missed this hangout with Guy Mucklow, PCAPredict and Thomas Smale, FE International, but you can watch it here.

You can also watch Guy’s┬áBoS talk, see the slides, read the transcript and the notes, the initial inspiration for this discussion, here

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