What you need to know about Influencer Marketing and Building a Great Culture | Promise Phelon AMA

Promise started her career in at BEA Systems where she ultimately led product marketing. We think she is badass. You will too.

Promise is now CEO of TapInfluence, an automated influencer marketing company. She also is speakingĀ at the Tenth BoS Conference USA. Promise’ll be speaking about why ping pong tables and free beer do not cut it or produce anywhere near the same results as a great culture.

In this informative AMA with Promise, she took your questions, initially focusing on the what’s, why’s and how’s of influencer marketing, before ‘getting real’ and discussing how great cultures prospered, giving examples of good and bad company cultures along the way.

A real great hangout. 48 minutes of learning to save you a lifetime of having to learn these hard earned lessons yourself along the way.


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