Ask Rand Fishkin and Promise Phelon Anything. 23rd and 25th August.

We do our best to get you as close to your tech heroes as possible, so you can ask them the questions that matter to you.

That’s why we hold regular AMA sessions – and we’ve got two more here, just for you. Click on the links to either (or both) and press ‘yes’ on are you going to watch? That way, you’ll get an automatic calendar invite and email reminder before we go live. The two sessions are:

Rand Fishkin, Co-Founder of Moz/ and as close as to a SEO deity on earth you will find.

Rand recently gave a candid talk at Business of Software Conference USA on the things he’d change, keep the same, and is yet to know when reflecting and looking forward to his Moz and life journey. You can see the talk here.

On August 23rd, 1800 BST, 1300 EST, you will be able to ask Rand anything about his journey, SEO, inbound marketing or whatever you like. Click here to register for the Rand hangout and be reminded before it goes live.

Promise Phelon, CEO of TapInfluence and complete Badass.

At Business of Software Conference 2016, Promise’ll be talking how to build great company cultures.

This important part of a business is often overlooked, often to a company’s peril. Promise is a veteran at fostering great workplace cultures, and you’ll be able to ask her how she does it, and how you can benefit.

On August 25th, 1600 BST, 1100 EST, you can ask Promise how to grow great cultures. You can be reminded about the event right here. 

Once the hangouts are live you ask questions in two ways – either view the hangout in Google + and use the Q&A feature or use #BoS2016 to chip in on Twitter. Send us your questions on Twitter today and we’ll put them at the top of the queue.

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