Announcing the Business of Software Lightning Talk Speakers

Lightning Talks follow a simple format – every speaker gets 15 slides and 30 seconds per slide to talk about a subject of their choice. The slides advance automatically.

Lightning Talkers have a special place in the hearts of the BoS audience and many people have made the jump to more speaking gigs at BoS and other events.

These are the brave souls taking on this year’s lightning talk session at BoS USA 2016.

Ray Hightower – Founder, WisdomGroupRTH_online3_300


Ray Hightower is a software developer, founder of WisdomGroup, organizer of ChicagoRuby, and producer of WindyCityRails, WindyCityThings, & RubyCaribe. He is currently exploring parallelism and the Internet of Things.


Poornima VijayashankerPoornima Vijayashanker – Founder, Femgineer

Poornima Vijayashanker is a graduate of Duke University and the founding engineer at where she helped build, launch, and scale the product until it was acquired by Intuit. Following the acquisition, Poornima went on to launch Femgineer, an education company for tech professionals and entrepreneurs who want to learn how to build software products and companies.

Jeff Gothelf Sense and Respond Josh Seiden Sense and Respond

Jeff Gothelf, Josh Seiden – Sense and Respond

A lightning talk double header. Jeff and Josh have recently released their new book, ‘Sense and Respond’ – teaching managers how to use technology to build learning organisations.



Jessica Hall – Director of Product Consulting, 3Pillar Global

Jessica Hall is the Director of Product Consulting at 3Pillar Global, where she helps clients from startups to enterprises build great products by defining their vision, focusing development efforts, and engaging with customers.



Secret Agent – Embargo’ed

This final soul will remain a mystery until the conference itself. Be there to find out who it is before anyone else knows.



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