Business of Software Conference USA Pricing FAQs

BoS Conference Pricing FAQs

Like most conferences, we work using a series of price points over the course of the year so that the closer to the event, the more it costs to attend. The logic behind this is fairly simple – the earlier someone commits to attend, the less they pay. This gives us visibility on attendee numbers and cash to operate earlier than if everyone just turned up on the day.

There are a few questions we get asked a lot about pricing…

Why don’t you announce all your pricing tiers in one go?

We don’t put them up on the registration page as it becomes confusing for people. With a number of ‘steps’ in the  ticket price, and multiple options (conference only/conference plus workshop/workshop only), the registration page becomes too complicated. We also found that people would pay for a full price, on the door ticket, instead of the current ‘best’ price. We then have to contact people, arrange a refund for the difference etc etc. The ticket prices are all listed in this blog post though so you can see how they rise.

How much do I save by registering early?

That depends. If you register before the end of the year PRIOR to the conference, you would save approximately $1,500. Two weeks before, $500.

I’m a startup and can’t afford the ticket, plus I can get to go to meetups for free. Why don’t you offer heavily discounted tickets for startups?

There are two points here, one is about affordability, one is about value.

Affordability: We know the event is not cheap to attend, we also know how much it costs to put on at a premier venue like the Seaport. (That being said, we usually try to help people out if they understand what we are trying to achieve and have a particularly strong case). Drop us a note if you fit in that category…

Value: We can all go to meetups for free, some of them are brilliant, some of them not so much. The big difference between the endless whirl of startup events and BoS is that we guarantee the quality of the experience – we have hand-selected speakers, very smart attendees, great food and drink, no sales pitches. Just great content in a great environment. Many events have sponsors who are only interested in the number of people who attend. We are only interested in delivering the best, most valuable, event for our attendees that we can. (We once turned down $50,000 in sponsorship from a law firm that wanted to sponsor the event on condition that they got to do a talk on software patents). We also know that free, or very cheap tickets, undermine the value of an event. This is common to all event organisers. We know people who have run free events with 200 registrations where less than 20 people turn up. Free/Cheap is not something that we want to be though we are delighted to have the support of some regular attendees, John Knox, Balsamiq and others who have funded scholarships to attend – you can apply here.

We offer a money back guarantee to attendees if they feel they didn’t get value. That keeps us focused on delivering an event for smart people that want to build sustainable, profitable software companies. This is not a startup event, though startups are welcome and many who have attended have described it as one of the pivotal moments in their development.

I missed the deadline because I was on vacation/ill/confused/distracted/too busy. Can I get the previous rate?

We are not monsters, or robots, or machines. Drop us a line and we will try to sort you out!

Ticket Prices for Business of Software Conference USA 2016

Date; Price of Conference Only ticket; Price of Conference PLUS Workshop ticket. (On the Door Price savings).

  • August 5th: $1,795, $1,995 ($700, $1,000)
  • August 19th: $1,895, $2,195 ($600, $800)
  • September 1st: $1,995, $2,495 ($500, $500)
  • On the Door: $2,495, $2,995, ($0, $0)

Any questions, drop us a line OR click on the orange speech bubble at the right hand side bottom of the screen and we will try to answer your questions in real time!

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