The Long Slow SaaS Ramp of Death AMA Video | Gail Goodman AMA, Building a SaaS Business

Gail delivered a talk for the ages at BoS USA 2012 with the “Long, Slow, SaaS Ramp of Death”.

At the tenth Business of Software USA, she returns to reflect on her time at Constant Contact with the talk “Lessons Learned in 17 years Building and Exiting a SaaS Business”. As someone who has been through growing a software company before – her experience is invaluable.

One of Gail Goodman’s legacies to the software industry has been proving you can build a profitable business in the SMB space. Today, SME/SMBs are a recognised and attractive market segment for software companies and significant amounts of venture funding is available to go after it.

As Patrick McKenzie put it: “it’s nice to hear that even bazillion-dollar mega successes like Constant Contact had, in the not-too-distant past, challenges which look pretty much exactly like what I deal with day-to-day.”

Gail Goodman’s Business of Software 2012 presentation here


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