3 Reasons I’m looking forward to Business of Software 2016

This is a guest blog post by BoS Europe 2016 Attendee Sophia Matarazzo of IDR Solutions, reposted with permission, with the original post found here

At IDR Solutions I have been waiting for this weekend. Why you may ask? Well this weekend welcomes the return of the Business of Software conference. Throughout the year there will be two conferences being held:

This will be my first time attending Business of Software and I am really looking forward to it.

As a taster of what the conference is going to be like, Mark Littlewood has been hosting various Q&A sessions on Google hang uts with some of the speakers who will be attending the conference.

The three reasons why I am most looking forward to attending this year’s conference are:

1). Meeting inspirational people

First and foremost I am really looking forward to being able meet the people who inspire me the most, these people include:

Steli Efti – Steli first founded Elastic – a sales consultancy that closed deals for dozens of tech companies, before taking what he had learned regarding consulting on sales processes and making thousands of cold calls to create Close.io, which is a software for sales people based on a deep-rooted understanding of the workflows and tools that improve efficiency and effectiveness. Steli will be preforming his presentation Proven, Honest, Ways to Make Software Sales – Even if you are a Single Developer which is a talk which I’m really looking forward to attending.

Rand Fishkin – Rand Fishkin created the world’s most popular resource for search marketers SEOMoz. Rand will be preforming his presentation The Things I Wish I Could Have Told Young Mr. Fishkin.

Eva Pascoe – Eva pioneered early epayment and ecommerce fashion at Arcadia (Topshop, Miss Selfridge, Warehouse, etc.), co-founded a non-profit Digital think-tank Cybersalon.org, co-organiser of Cybersonica Festivals (Southbank, Soho, Science Museum) and is a regular contributor across a range of national media. She has worked for the past 4 years with The Retail Practice advising retailers and startups on the intersection of brand experience, retail, technology and business. Eva will be preforming her presentation Making Trend Spotting Help Your Future Business.

Iris Lapinski – Iris believes that teaching children to code just is not good enough. For children to have a great career in the software industry, they need to be able to identify, understand and articulate the problems they are trying to solve and mobilise their resources to create software products that are useful. Iris will be performing her talk The New Generation of Entrepreneurs.

2). The hallway track

The fun does not just stop with the presentations! Not only do I get to attend these great presentations but I will also get a chance to meet the presenters and lots of other attendees. I can ask questions, meet some interesting people and take away lots of new ideas.

3). The lightning talks

What is a lightning talk? A lightning talk is where each speaker gets 15 slides and 30 seconds per slide to talk about a subject of their choice. To make it more fun the slides advance automatically. I am really looking forward to watching these presentations so I can see what Georgia and I will be putting ourselves in for when we put in our application for the lightning talks at BoS in Boston.

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