Software Business Scaling: How to do it. What are the Critical Components? | BoS AMA Masterclass with Stephen Allott | BoS Hangouts

What is Critical in Scaling a Software Company?

Literally a billion dollar (or more) question we asked Stephen Allott, a man who has been there and done it numerous times – most notably through his experience with Micromuse (NASDAQ: MUSE).

Stephen took questions from Mark and an audience of software entrepreneurs on what are the most critical factors in growing a software business from startup, to scale up, to IPO. See the video below from the hangout, and join us for our regular master classes from some of the world’s most leading thinkers and practitioners in software scaling.

Stephen will be talking at Business of Software Europe Conference in Dublin on 16-17 of May 2016. Book your ticket now or see who else is talking.


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