Website and SEO Best Practice

Finding a good SEO is akin to getting a reliable builder – it’s tough to get one. But once you know you have found someone who fits the bill and you can trust, it’s worth hanging onto them.

Despite every effort to not admit it – Dave Collins, Founder of Software Promotions and Co-Founder of SmartSEOtraining, is an excellent SEO and someone with great knowledge of what makes websites work and be seen.

In 2014, Dave took to the BoS USA stage to offer candid feedback on websites volunteered by the audience. After hearing Dave’s advice in the talk, every website has been changed.


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2 responses to “Website and SEO Best Practice”

  1. shanaya says:

    Very Nice Video, Totally agree to Dave.

  2. Danny Click says:

    I agree with Dave and would add Having keyword in url of inbound links to your blog post,. post, page or article is now more important than ever when doing SEO. Other than this I fully agree with your article