Relive BoS Conference USA 2016 – The Montage

September 21-23 2015. Boston.

300 Software Managers, Founders, CEO’s and leaders filled the auditorium in the World Trade Centre once again for the 9th Business of Software Conference USA.

This year saw a fight back against the unicorn culture sweeping the tech world and Silicon Valley. We instead provided value for attendees in values: Growing software and Tech companies for all the right reasons – to help people and scaling businesses that produce profit in the long term.

The feedback was great – it shouldn’t be our place to say everyone had a fantastic time, but the testimonials speak to another successful event. Here are just some of the quotes that we had come back to us:

“eye opening & energizing”

“a refreshing and thought provoking not too technical look at the technical world of software”

“Honesty & integrity of the presenters makes it difficult to quantify the value I have taken from BoS”

“Best conference for software entrepreneurs in the world”

“Intellectual Red Bull”

“This is a conference that manages to combine casual atmosphere with fabulous high end business knowledge”

“Rich in amazing content and perfectly organized”

“if you want happier founders, employees then come to BoS. Conversely if you’d on’t want these things then stay away.”

See the montage below, then get your ticket for Business of Software Conference USA 2016.
The Tickets for the Tenth Business of Software Conference USA are now available. In 2016, we will be returning to the World Trade Center once again for a celebration of 10 years, which looks less to the past 9, but forwards to the next 10. Get yours here. 


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