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How to get a ticket to Business of Software Conference with very limited funds.

If you are dying to come to Business of Software Conference but just can’t stretch to the ticket price, there are a few options that might help.

It’s great to know many of our long time attendees have got so much from BoS over the years that they give back to the community by supporting attendance for people that would not otherwise be able to attend Business of Software Conference.

You might be starting out on your entrepreneurial journey, a recently graduated student, an entrepreneur in the making, someone who just can’t get the funds together to attend but wants to spend time with some brilliant software folks. Whoever you are, we want to help you attend if you have a passion for entrepreneurship and want to understand how some of the best software businesses in the world are run.

We match any scholarship places with an additional ticket to help that go further. Huge thanks this year to John Knox, Dave Collins, Patrick McKenzie, Twilio, Balsamiq and other unnamed donors for your support for a future generation of software entrepreneurs.

If you would like to come to BoS but would otherwise not be able to attend, please contact me directly. We will help if we can though there is always significant demand for places so give us an idea why you will benefit.

Startup Places

As ever, we also have a few heavily subsidised places for startups – if your business has been going for less than two years, you can attend at about half the regular cost by selecting a startup ticket on registration.

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