Notes and blog posts from Attendees at Business of Software Conference USA 2015

Some great talk write-ups from attendees at Business of Software Conference USA 2015. This page has links to photos, slide decks of speaker presentations, attendee notes. If you want to suggest some notes or additions, please get in touch with Joe who will add them to the list.

Business of Software Conference USA media

Peldi redacted

Attendee notes on conference talks

  • ‘My scribbles from the Conference’ Again, these notes are outstanding from Tom Graham at HeyUpdate. He wrote the notes to help himself recap what was said and learn as much as he could from all of the great speakers. Hopefully others will find them useful too.

Attendee video recaps

  • Short video recap. A clever idea from Phil and Steli at 15 minutes or so of them videoing themselves, talking through some of the highlights and key takeaways. I also like this because it makes my phone videos look professional!

The videos of talks will be posted online and we will follow up with some of the speakers to run Google Hangouts to answer any questions you may have over the course of the year.

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