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After 11 events spanning 9 years, Business of Software Conference has had a fair share of moments that challenge the way attendees think about their software businesses. As Business of Software heads towards it’s next conference (21-23rd September, Boston MA – Tickets Here), it is an opportune moment to reflect on some of the brightest ideas from the years of BoS Conference.

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Kathy Sierra

Building the Minimum Badass User

Often the best ideas are the simplest. When Kathy outlined the idea that it is not the goal of your company to make your products look good, but make your users feel badass using them, it was a lightbulb moment for those in attendance. See the video below.


Joel Spolsky

Software Success

Joel Spolsky discusses what it is to be number one in your market, and what it means to be number two.


Seth Godin

Too Important to Be Left to the Marketing Department

In this video Seth talks about how ideas that spread win. And takes us through his laws of Software!

Clayton Christensen

Decentralization is Disruptive and Hard to Catch

Professor Clayton Christensen talks models of disruptive innovation, what the job of your product is and explains why there will always be room for disruptive innovation an entrepreneurs in the world. Trust us, you just don’t want to miss this talk.


Rand Fishkin

Helping Customers Find You Online. The Everchanging World of Online Marketing.

How can you maximize acquisition and top of funnel for software companies (channels, tactics, team, consultants, CRO, etc) and not fall foul of the rapidly evolving battle between Google (and other search engines) and marketers? In such a fast moving area, it is no surprise that staying at the top requires focus and is exhausting. Rand will also share some of the personal issues that he has faced as a company founder – attachment to the business he founded, the problems he faced as CEO, how he came to terms with stepping down from the CEO role at the Moz.


Geoffrey Moore

Crossing the Chasm

In this astonishing, inspirational and practical session, Geoffrey “Crossing the Chasm” Moore talks about what you need to be great at, what you need to be merely good enough at, and how companies consistently mix these two categories up.

The concept of Core vs Context is one that has become central to every successful software companies strategy playbook.


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