Lightning Talks: BoS Europe 2015 – Part 1

Lightning talks are always highly entertaining, varied affairs at BoS. A 15 slide deck progresses every 30 seconds, which produce 7 and a half minutes of entertaining, fast paced ideas delivered in manageable presentation chunks.

Here are the first four from last years BoS Europe. Touching on subjects ranging from Agile, to UX, to Gamification, to Changing the World.

We’re less than two weeks away from BoS Europe, so to join us for more great ideas click¬†here¬†and begin your BoS Europe Journey.

Marine Barbaroux – Spotters’ Guide To UX Designers


Chris Massey – What We Should Be Learning From Games


Clarke Ching – Fragging Agile


Carol Atack – Changing The World With Software


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