Rand Fishkin Hangout: Helping Customers Find You Online. The Everchanging World of Online Marketing

This is the link to register, and view our Google Hangout with Rand Fishkin, Co-Founder of Moz/Inbound.org and as close as to a SEO deity on earth you will find.

The Google Hangout with Rand, on Tuesday¬†17th February¬†2015 at 18.00 GMT (10.00AM PST), will¬†to discuss his Business of Software Conference USA talk, ‘Helping Customers Find You Online: The Ever Changing World of Online Marketing’.

Once the hangout is live you ask questions in two ways – either view the hangout in Google +¬†and¬†use the Q&A feature or use #BoS2015 to chip in on Twitter. Send us your questions on Twitter today and we’ll put them at the top of the queue.

Watch the original Business of Software talk here (or read the transcript).

Adding this to your Google Calendar will mean you get a reminder 10 minutes before the discussion starts.

You will also be able to watch the Hangout live from this page or Google+ if you return on Tuesday.

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