A Bumper Week of Google Hangouts | Derek Sivers and Jeff Szczepanski

Following on from the successful Rand Fishkin Google Hangout, we have TWO Hangouts during the week commencing the 2nd March.

The First Hangout will be on 3rd March 9AM GMT we host Derek Sivers – programmer, writer, entrepreneur, and student — though not in that order. He delivered a talk for the ages on ‘Philosophy of Customer Service’ which can be viewed below. It will be a fantastic opportunity to ask Derek anything related to giving a great customer experience. Join us here.

The Second Hangout will be on 5th March, 3PM GMT. Jeff Szczepanski, COO at Stack Exchange, will be discussing his talk ‘The Developers Guide to Running Sales Teams’. Jeff will answer questions from a live audience on his talk, which was focused on managing your sales team like you would a great development team. Register for the Hangout here.



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