Buffer vs Sony Pictures. Can transparency scale?

Want to know what Joel Gasgoine and the team at Buffer App are paid and how much they spend on Kindle books a year? Be their guest…

Joel did a great talk on scaling a culture of transparency at Business of Software Conference 2014. Extraordinarily impressive guy and an extraordinarily impressive business. When does transparency become a bad thing for a business? Buffer celebrates transparency, is exceptional in many respects but not exceptionally big, yet. Sony Pictures is big but clearly not comfortable with transparency. Is there a point that transparency will hinder Buffer?

“Transparency breeds trust, and trust is the foundation of great teamwork.” Joel Gasgoine

His co-founder Leo Widrich shared a whole lot more information on what they spend money on and why in this great blog post today.

Ever wondered where the money you spend on a product you have purchased goes? Wonder no more.

Where your $10 Buffer App subscription goes

Where your $10 Buffer App subscription goes

It will be fascinating to see what happens as the company scales further. Is there a limit to the size of a business that can be transparent?

This approach is unlikely to work at an organisation like Sony Pictures, currently  trying to deal with their enforced transparency issues by issuing legal threats to news agencies. Transparency is clearly a very negative and disruptive thing for a company when it is forced upon them but could Sony Pictures have become the large and seemingly ugly giant of a business it is now if it had started out with a principle of transparency or is there a point where transparency is no longer possible?

By the way, Joel’s talk and all the videos of talks from BoS USA and Europe will be posted this week so you can devour them over Christmas instead of watching the Wizard of Oz for the 4,567th time. (They make brilliant Christmas gifts by the way).

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