The perfect storm

Ever wondered what it is like to live without the Internet for a few days? I just did a week with no phone and no Internet in the middle of France. We went camping en famille.

Camping afternoon of arrival

View from our tent –¬†afternoon of arrival

Some thunder, some lightning, some flash flooding and hey presto, no electricity, no Internet and very intermittent mobile phone signal. We lived like savages. We were reduced to fighting for food with locals and tourists at local markets where we found this excellent reminder about how the French felt about a Brit abroad with an Internet related predicament.

French Bread


It turns out it is possible to survive for week in a post apocalyptic world though I do advise anyone thinking of following suit not to slip and break a small bone in your hand.

Perfect storm

One of the best holidays ever though the blog post I promised myself I would write and the newsletter update on BoS 2014 were casualties as well as those people who emailed me with questions about registration etc. The world didn’t come to an end but I have 2,400 emails to sort etc and I am conscious some inquiries are delayed. I am sorry but will react as quickly as possible and please be assured that no one will end up paying more than they need to on the basis that my response has been slow.