The Patio11 trilogy

Back at BoS2010 a young, rather nervous looking engineer in a green tee launched into his Lightning Talk. He’d rather shamelessly stolen his opening line.

‘Hello Ladies!’patrick mckenzie, kalzumeus

Patrick McKenzie was way ahead of the curve in spotting that much of the software industry is busy making products for young white men and that that is a huge opportunity. But then he’s way ahead of the curve in a lot of ways and we’ve been benefitting from his meticulous and thoughtful approach to marketing for software businesses ever since.

Here are his three talks from Business of Software. Insightful, practical and occasionally deeply personal, they embody the qualities we aim for in a BoS talk.

2010 – Marketing to Minorities (7 minutes)

Why do so many software businesses continue to compete for the same market?

2011 – Engineering your Market Outcomes  (1 hour)

Marketing comes naturally to some people. Unfortunately, not many of these are engineers.

2013 – Building things to help you sell the things you build (1 hour)

How to build a culture and team that use developer skills to achieve marketing goals.

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