Where are they now? Four lightning talks to remember…

Our search for the 2014 lightning talk stars is continuing. We think every single person who gets on a stage at BoS and puts their story across in 7 and a half minutes is a hero. You can share the thrill (and win a free place at Business of Software) by applying for a Lightning Talk here before the 19th July deadline. 

HippiesOfficially we’re not allowed favourite Lightning Talks. But some talks do stand the test of time better than others – here’s four that have really stuck in our memories.

1. Alexis Ohanian, Reddit (2008)

Or is it Pierre Francois of 74 signals? Cutting, funny and still horribly relevant 6 years later: Alexis’s satire on a certain type of founder.

2 Patrick McKenzie, Kalzumeus (2010)

A first sighting of @patio11 at Business of Software. A great call to action on addressing the needs of a wider world.

3. Justin Goeres, JKI (2011)

What do Nobel Laureates do at the end of their careers? The story of Richard Feynman’s last great adventure.

4. Des Traynor, Intercom (2013)

Even though it broke all the rules, we still love Des’s bravura attempt to cram a lifetime of product strategy expertise into the time it takes to soft boil an egg.

Want to see your name in the BoS programme as a Lightning Talk speaker? Applying is very simple, just write to me: Hermione@thebln.com and ask! But make sure you do so before our deadline of 19th July.

I’ll need your name, a brief synopsis of your talk and a short video of you speaking. If you have video of yourself speaking at previous events, fantastic, but a home made film from your camera of you explaining why you think your topic is a good one is just as good.