Marc Andreessen, technology, investment and good behaviour

Interesting stream from Marc Andreessen on the role that venture capital has to play in encouraging ‘good’ behaviours and platforms.

Investors are clearly part of the problem here, but they can also be part of the solution. More of them should be watching Kathy Sierra’s talks and demanding their startups do too.

2 responses to “Marc Andreessen, technology, investment and good behaviour”

  1. Doug says:

    One, the fact he took 12 tweets to get to the point tells us that Twitter is a bad choice for making serious points.
    Two, if this interests you, listen to the old Stack Overflow pod casts. The really interesting point of Joel and Jeff is the way they are designing the software to get questions answered, stop abuse, and randomness. Doing it well is hard.
    And that is the rub. Great, Mark wants developers to make a social interface that influences humans to be good. Not an easy task, I am glad some get it right.