Business of Software Conference accepts BitCoin & awards CPD Points

Of course we don’t. Both are ridiculous concepts. It is 1st April though.

One is a ridiculous concept that encourages the wrong sort of people to participate in something in the hope of some sort of intangible gain, the other is either:

  • An emerging virtual currency that allegedly offers early participants an advantage over latecomers or;
  • An shady ‘virtual currency’ that allegedly offers participants a career advantage over others

Either way, don’t come to BoS US or BoS Europe if that might stop you coming.

  • If you would come if only you could pay in BitCoin, think about paying with a credit card. It offers all sorts of insurance for your money. BitCoin, not so much, yet. It might in the future but not now.
  • If you would come if only we offered CPD points, remember CPD is a big fat scam for big fat conferences and trainers that pay through the nose to be ‘accredited’to ‘further’ your career. It has as much currency for employers as ┬áChartered Institute of Marketing Certificates. If you are good, you just don’t need to hide behind them.