A video from a software company that actually gets that Kathy Sierra, ‘Don’t make your features awesome, make your users awesome’

This is not your average corporate video. It came to us with a short note from Scott Farquhar at Atlassian who spoke at 2013s Business of Software Conference in Boston.


Once again, blown away by the calibre of speakers, but more importantly attendees at this conference.  Congratulations.  Hope you get time off to relax afterwards.
Atlassian produced this video recently.  Though it uses Atlassian’s customers, it really celebrates “Software”.  I thought that it might be good to feature on your site, or send out to attendees afterwards.

I love Scott though my heart sank slightly when faced with the prospect of looking at what was probably going to be a corporate video. 🙂 To my surprise, I really liked this video from Atlassian Software.

Reminded me of something that Kathy Sierra talked about last year’s at Business of Software Conference – that companies so often focus on making their own software look awesome, they forget that the real point is to make their users feel awesome. When you ask a lot of software companies what they do they answer with some nonsense along the lines of, ‘We proactively leverage strategic opportunities in the global B2B space’ or similar nonsense. Normally, watching a corporate video makes me cry (or it doesn’t, I move on after about 3 seconds). this one actually brought a tear to my cynical eye.

Featuring Tesla Motors, walking humanoid robots from Boston Dynamics, Cochlear makers of in ear hearing systems, it doesn’t actually describe what Atlassian does at all, (that bit is relatively easy to work out anyway and it would be hard to make it that exciting). What it does do really well is show how software is changing the world, how software made by their customers is making tangible differences to people’s lives.

Hope you enjoy it and feel inspired about the world we live in and how software makes it better