Tech events in Boston in week of Business of Software Conference 2013

Thanks to Trever Lohrbeer at Lab Escape, for a neat run down on other technology events going on in Boston around the Business of Software Conference that starts next week in Boston…

“Unfortunately, with closing my biggest deal ever & buying a house in the past month, life has not let up enough for me to prepare for BoS properly this year.” [We SO know that feeling…]

I had wanted to write an article about activities people could do pre/post BoS. I don’t have time for that, but I figured I’d write you and pass along the info in case you want to work it in somewhere.

Before BoS, we have:

Fantastic FREE geek unconference. I’m flying in Friday night just so I can go to this before BoS.

After BoS, we have:

Giving away $1 million to the winning startups who’ve gone through one of the largest accelerators in the world, many of which are software startups. Amazing networking, plus you get to see the finalists pitch their companies. Plus this year’s MC is Aasif Mandvi from The Daily Show and the keynote is George Whitesides, CEO of Virgin Galactic. Not cheap ($199 for most companies), but worth it.

I’ve been twice before and one of the best unconferences I’ve ever been to. It now has 1,000+ attendees. Again, amazing networking, inspiring & educational content. I’ve both hosted & attended sessions, and I always learn a great deal. Attendees tend to be entrepreneurs, investors & creative thinkers around Boston.

Held in the Cambridge Innovation Center every Thursday, Venture Cafe always has smart attendees & sometimes educational presentations. Free beer & wine while you network and mingle with other entrepreneurs and like-minded people.

Other events happening that week are listed on Greenhorn Connect or VentureFizz.

Unfortunately, it’s probably too late for those who have booked their flights. But for people who will be in town anyway because they chose to come early or stay late, the ones listed above are all great events. I’m flying in on Friday and staying for almost two weeks to attend all the great events and catch up with people. I’m planning on attending all the events I listed above, and am happy to introduce other BoSers to the people I know in Boston at these other events. Just tell me people to look for the fedora. 🙂

I’m looking forward to another year at BoS. I’ve been feeling my excitement building this past week. Keep sending those great e-mails, and see you up in Boston next week!

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