Old laptop. New laptop. Stickers. T-shirts.

This is my old laptop. It goes to some of the best conferences in the world.

Old laptop

This is my new laptop. If you want to cheer it up, feel free to bring me a sticker.

New laptop the Apple Pie

In similar vein, I saw Peldi earlier this summer and he wore a continuous cycle of StackExchange, Balsamiq, Red Gate and Business of Software T-shirts. People came up to him on the beach asking where they could download software from such incredible institutions.

My daughter asked him why he  wore the same T-shirts and he replied they were the only ones people had given him.

Italy 2013 Paul Kenny 014


Italy2013 Peldi 001


Italy2013 Peldi 008

He isn’t the only technology influencer who is happy to war a nice promotional T-shirt so why not bring a couple along and find someone that will do your marketing for you on the other side of the world?

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One response to “Old laptop. New laptop. Stickers. T-shirts.”

  1. Marsee Henon says:

    Ok, I’m bring you an assortment of O’Reilly stickers.